Indoor Recess Ideas: Activities all students will love!

Are you ready for two words that can make a teacher shudder?? Indoor recess! Oof. We all know our students need the brain break, a chance to socialize freely, and …

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Tips for teaching long divisions strategies, division error analysis, and division word problems. Includes free resources!

Long Division: Strategies and Extensions for Upper Elementary Math

I’m so excited to chat all about teaching long division!  Ah, division. Does the mere mention of it make the hair on your arms stand up? And the timing! Why …

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Teaching collaboration skills is an integral part of the learning process. Use this free collaboration skills lesson for upper elementary.

Teaching Collaboration Skills to Maximize Group Work Time

The teacher community is truly something special. Teachers are master collaborators. I’m sure you know exactly what I mean, like those times you’re planning with your team and someone throws …

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Learn how to give students a solid conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction strategies in upper elementary.

Addition and Subtraction Strategies for Upper Elementary

By the time students reach upper elementary, they often already have a lot of addition and subtraction experience. That doesn’t mean we can skip over this important skill, though! After …

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Teaching and analyzing story elements is a critical comprehension skill. Includes ideas for a deeper understanding in upper elementary.

Beyond Story Elements: Encouraging your students to think critically about elements of the text

Teaching and analyzing story elements is a critical part of developing students’ comprehension skills. You probably talk about the setting, the characters, the problem and solution, and eventually the theme. …

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Analyzing Text Features in Upper Elementary

Captions, diagrams, italics, OH MY! I can’t wait to chat with you all about teaching text features to your students.  The standards that hit text features call for students to …

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