These Amazon classroom favorites for teachers and students will make your teacher life easier and more organized!

Amazon Classroom Favorites

It’s no secret that a love of school supplies is one major requirement for becoming a teacher, so the question of must-have items for upper elementary always leads to great …

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Comparing and contrasting texts, characters, themes, and literary elements takes critical thinking and is key to reading comprehension.

Comparing and Contrasting Texts: Why it’s Important and How to Teach It

If you think of comparing and contrasting as looking for differences between an apple and an orange, it seems like a pretty easy skill! In fact, that’s exactly how I …

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Teacher Appreciation Task Card Giveaway

We're halfway through Teacher Appreciation Week, and I hope you are feeling super appreciated by now. I'm hoping to add to that by giving away TASK CARDS today! It’s no …

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Last week of school lesson plans for upper elementary. Includes fun, engaging, and academic ideas to end the school year.

Last Week of School Lesson Plans

I can’t believe we are nearing the last week of school, but I’m already finalizing my end of the school year plans. We have put state testing behind us (yay!), …

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2022 Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaways!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Each day this week, you have a chance to win some of the things teachers love most. Books, gift cards, school supplies, manipulatives, digital and printables …

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Anchor chart, hands-on practice activities, and a free assessment for teaching mean, median, and mode in upper elementary.

Activities For Teaching Mean, Median, and Mode

Last month I shared this post about teaching data and graphing in upper elementary, but I didn’t touch on data sets and teaching mean, median, mode, and range. Mean, median, …

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