This post includes an anchor chart and practice activities for teaching adjectives and adverbs in upper elementary.

Teaching Adjectives and Adverbs

Teaching Adjectives and adverbs can seem like a basic skill for upper elementary students, but it is an essential language skill that can’t be skimmed over! You may be tempted …

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Learn to play this Jeopardy-style whole class review game. It works with any task cards and is easy to set up too!

Task Card Whole Class Review Game

At one point or another, I think we have all played Jeopardy with our classes as a whole class review game. It's fun, the kids love it, and it's an easy …

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End of the Year Reading Projects

If you're looking up end of the year reading projects, then that means something amazing – summer is approaching! This time of year always re-energizes me because state testing is …

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5 Quick Activities for Teaching Angles

There are quite a few angle standards that students need to master during our larger geometry unit, so here are five of my favorite quick and simple ideas for teaching …

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Lessons and practice activities for teaching data and graphing skills in upper elementary. Includes anchor charts, task cards, and free quiz.

Teaching Data and Graphing

Teaching students to interpret data and graphs is an important upper elementary skill. Data is all around us and being able to display and interpret it is a critical skill! …

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Just-for-fun ideas for April Fools' Day pranks to play on your upper elementary students. Includes academic ideas too!

Classroom April Fools' Day Pranks

Do you typically find yourself scrambling for fun April Fools' Day pranks at the last minute? Not this year! We're helping you plan ahead with a bunch of fun ideas …

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