Ideas for teaching coordinate grids: identifying locations, plotting locations, writing directions, measuring distances, using map scales.

Teaching Coordinate Grids

There are some standards I highly anticipate teaching, and coordinate graphing is one of them! Teaching coordinate graphing in upper elementary can be a ton of fun, and there are …

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math projects upper elementary

Math Projects: Differentiated Hands-On Learning

When I’m looking for rigorous practice that’s so fun the students almost forget they’re learning, I turn to math projects! These projects hold so much learning power with their real-world …

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student rewards upper elementary

Student Rewards: Beyond The Skittles

As I wrap up one year and start looking forward to the next, I use it as a time to reflect on what did (and didn't!) work. Reassessing classroom management …

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Last Day of Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaways!

I hope you have been feeling alllllll the love this week, teacher friends! For our last day of teacher appreciation week, I'm giving away FOUR $50 TWAMV credits. YES!! How …

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MORE Teacher Appreciation Giveaways

As promised, I'm back with more teacher appreciation giveaways! We are on Day 5 of my Teacher Appreciation Week giveaway! So far, I've given away books, school supplies, and a …

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Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaways!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This week, I'm thrilled to be giving you some of my very favorite teacher goodies. Each day will be new and exciting and geared JUST toward …

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