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how to play scoot in upper elementary free game

How to Play Scoot: Getting Started With Task Cards

Have you played Scoot with your students? It’s one of my most-recommended ways to incorporate task cards into your classroom, so one of the most common questions I get is, …

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Math Workshop Ideas for Upper Elementary

Whether you have 45 minutes or 90 minutes for your block math, how you set it up can make or break the progress you’re able to make with your students. …

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school-wide events for community

School-Wide Events: Fun and Educational Ideas to Build School Spirit

One of the most popular committees at our school is the school-wide events team, which plans activities that are fun for students, families, staff, and even the larger community. These …

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Incorporating Picture Books In Your Upper Elementary Classroom

I love incorporating picture books in the upper elementary classroom as much as possible. There's often a misconception that picture books are only for younger students, but they're a great …

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practical classroom decor tips upper elementary

Practical Classroom Decor Tips

Mid-July is always that time of year when back to school thoughts start sneaking into my head pretty consistently. Maybe it's all the school supplies in stores and the social …

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math picture books upper elementary

Favorite Math Picture Books

I love incorporating picture books into math, so I am ALWAYS looking for new math picture books to add to our collection. When I asked some of my favorite teacher …

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