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MORE Teacher Appreciation Giveaways

As promised, I'm back with more teacher appreciation giveaways! We are on Day 5 of my Teacher Appreciation Week giveaway! So far, I've given away books, school supplies, and a …

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Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaways!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! This week, I'm thrilled to be giving you some of my very favorite teacher goodies. Each day will be new and exciting and geared JUST toward …

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Comparing Texts: Moving Beyond the Basics

It’s true. Comparing texts can be tedious, especially when you are teaching students in grades 3-5 how to thoughtfully compare and contrast multiple texts! Of course, it’s a must-teach skill …

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Trauma-Informed Teaching: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Over the past few years, the practice of trauma-informed teaching has become more recognized. More schools are becoming aware of what childhood trauma is and how it's related to student …

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how to teach poetry 3rd 4th 5th grade

How to Teach Poetry in Upper Elementary

How do your students react when you mention poetry? If they're anything like mine, you're probably met with groans. Students typically equate poems with sappy sentiments of love and cheesy …

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Free anchor charts, interactive notebook pages, and activities to teach commonly confused words in upper elementary.

How To Teach Commonly Confused Words in Upper Elementary

Even though upper elementary students have been introduced to homophones in earlier grades, many students (and let’s be honest… adults too!) still struggle to correctly use and understand commonly confused …

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