8 ways to use task cards with your upper elementary students, including easy differentiated practice, games, centers, and more.

8 Exciting Ways To Use Task Cards In Upper Elementary

Can we talk about task cards for a minute? I'm sure you're seeing them all over social media, and you may even own a few (or more than a few!) …

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Free interpreting expressions bundle with anchor chart template, waterfall template, sorts, and a short assessment/practice page. 

Interpreting Expressions in Upper Elementary

Hey there! I am so happy to be here with you today to chat math, specifically the standard that asks students to write simple expressions that record calculations with numbers, …

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Tips and templates for creating math anchor charts and quick reference guides with your upper elementary students. Includes 10 free templates.

Math Anchor Charts: Templates For Math Success

Anchor charts have always been one of the most popular topics here on the blog, probably because I'm so passionate about using and sharing them. As a newer teacher, I …

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Improve students' focus with these classroom tools. Includes ideas for fidgets in the classroom, flexible seating, and positive reinforcement.

Classroom Tools: Three Ideas To Improve Focus

With most of us back in the classroom after a long stretch of distance learning, we’re seeing a lot of students still trying to adjust back to more traditional classroom …

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An honest review of The Week Junior, a weekly news magazine for 8-to-14 year olds with topical and timely takes on a broad range of subjects.

The Week Junior: My Honest Review of the Magazine

Whether you are looking for the perfect holiday gift for your kids OR the perfect holiday gift for your classroom, I have the best gift recommendation for you (and as …

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Teach students to use dialogue to make inferences about characters and improve their comprehension skills in upper elementary.

What Can Dialogue Tell Us? Inferring Character Traits and Feelings From Dialogue

Typically teaching dialogue to your class might sound a little something like this…“Dialogue is when two or more characters in a text are talking. You will know you are reading …

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