Here are some of the consistent strategies and skills I use in my classroom to help my students master nonfiction comprehension.

Nonfiction Comprehension Guide

At this point in the year, I have covered a lot of nonfiction strategies and skills with students. The next step is to begin spiraling these skills, so students have …

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Learn how to use The Week Junior, a magazine for children ages 8-14. It covers timely topics, news, sports and technology features, and more.

Using The Week Junior In The Classroom

Have you seen The Week Junior? I started seeing it pop up on my social media feeds last year, quickly ordered it for my own kids (whom I was homeschooling …

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Three ways to supplement textbooks in upper elementary to provide engaging instruction and meet all students' needs.

Beyond the Book: 3 Ways to Supplement Textbooks

Textbooks often get a really bad reputation. When I first began my teaching career, I worked at a school that didn't have ANY textbooks that we followed with fidelity. The …

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Martin Luther King, Jr. activities for teaching perspective and main idea. Includes a free booklet for note taking and a book/source list.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Activities: Teaching Perspective and Main Idea

While I firmly believe that Black History should be taught all year long, January is the perfect time to embed some of this learning with crucial reading skills. With Martin …

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Includes anchor chart and centers for how to teach sequencing as the foundation of many key reading skills in upper elementary.

How To Teach Sequencing In Upper Elementary

I LOVE teaching sequencing in the elementary classroom. There are so many ways to make the skill of sequencing fun, engaging, and meaningful. Sequencing sometimes feels like it should be …

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Upper elementary holidays around the world teaching resources for literacy and math. Includes book list and educational projects.

Holidays Around the World Activities

December is a MAGICAL (albeit exhausting) time to be a teacher. I love the innocence of children during this time and all of the ways we can leverage the excitement …

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