must read novels and reading response activities fb

Must-Read Novels and Engaging Reading Response Activities for Any Book

I am a big believer in having kids respond to reading with thoughtful, defensible, evidence-based responses. Finding high-interest novels that my students will enjoy for independent reading, small groups, and …

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digital learning resources upper elementary

The Best Digital Learning Resources to Enhance Your Instruction

With so many schools one-to-one (even before distance learning!), technology has evolved quickly to offer teachers, students, and families a lot of educational options. The variety of educational apps, websites, …

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Thanksgiving Lesson Plans for Big Kids

If you’re looking for Thanksgiving lesson plans for math and literacy, I have some great ideas to share with you today! The week before Thanksgiving is such a fun time …

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Tips for Teaching Multiplication Facts

Multiplication Facts. They are the backbone of so many skills beyond third grade, and yet, students continue to struggle with them well into 4th and 5th grade. We teach students …

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Teaching the Presidential Election

I have a bit of a confession. During the 2016 election, I was teaching 4th grade. Even though government was one of our standards that year, I avoided teaching the …

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Place Value Activity

FREE Place Value Activity!

Most schools are in session now (whether virtually or in-person), and I know that year after year, the first thing that most teachers teach in math is place value! Whether …

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