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Real world connections when teaching fractions are so important. Download a free math lesson and browse dozens of other fraction tips.

Teaching Fractions: How to Make Math Meaningful

Teaching fractions in upper elementary can be overwhelming because there are SO MANY concepts to cover. Simplifying fractions, equivalent fractions, fractions on a number line, comparing fractions, improper fractions and …

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There are many amazing books to read, but which ones should make the cut? Here are my best tips for how to select novels in upper elementary.

Thoughtful Tips for How To Select Novels in Upper Elementary

I love reading chapter books with my class and digging deep into comprehension through novel study. Teachers often ask me for book suggestions, so I wrote this recent post with …

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distance learning Valentine activities upper elementary

Creative Distance Learning Valentine Activities

With so many students in digital or hybrid models, teachers are once again showing off their flexibility and creativity by creating unique classroom celebrations. There was a great brainstorming thread …

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free upper elementary resources for teaching prefixes and suffixes along with Greek or Latin roots

The Complete Guide to Teaching Prefixes and Suffixes

Once students reach upper elementary, they have a lot of decoding strategies in their reading toolbox. At this point, many students have mastered decoding and have many tools in their …

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must read novels and reading response activities fb

Must-Read Novels and Engaging Reading Response Activities for Any Book

I am a big believer in having kids respond to reading with thoughtful, defensible, evidence-based responses. Finding high-interest novels that my students will enjoy for independent reading, small groups, and …

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digital learning resources upper elementary

The Best Digital Learning Resources to Enhance Your Instruction

With so many schools one-to-one (even before distance learning!), technology has evolved quickly to offer teachers, students, and families a lot of educational options. The variety of educational apps, websites, …

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