Independent Reading Response Anchor Charts

I'm excited to share these anchor charts with you!  We have been using these for quite some time now, and my students are becoming pros.  A lot of the time, I do have students answering specific questions, but depending on the assignment, I will also have the students use these anchor charts to begin their writing.  When we came up with these prompts (I guided them…heavily!) we used a lot of the common core standards and tried to make them all encompassing– they needed to be usable for any book, and any chapter within the book.

We also do some quick writes where I give them only 7-12 minutes to complete their response to reading, and here is the chart we use.

The sticky notes next to it are continuations of the response for differentiation for students who need a little extra help.  Most of my students can use the starters, but for those needing a little extra boost in their thinking, they can grab a sticky note.

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