Multiplying Fractions

We finished up adding and subtracting fractions right before the break, and now we are hitting multiplying and dividing fractions.  We began with multiplying fractions, and we did a mega-anchor chart.  I teach 4th grade TAG students, so I am technically teaching them 5th grade standards, but they often need a review of 4th grade standards, so we bundled it all into one.

Here is our big multiplying fractions anchor chart!  We covered multiplying whole numbers by fractions, multiplying fractions by fractions, and multiplying mixed numbers.  Whew!

Since part of the common core requires that they use visual area models for multiplying fractions, we had some fun with tracing paper!  Each kiddo got two pieces of identical tracing paper and broke it into parts.  Then, when you lay them on top of one another, you can see where it forms an area model that is the same as the multiplied denominators, and the overlapping colored sections are your numerator.  They loved this!  We put them up on the window because you could really see the overlap on the tracing paper when we did it this way. (NEW! I now use transparent sticky notes for this part. It's awesome!  You can buy them via my affiliate link HERE.)

The kids also copied notes into their math journal, and then showed the step by step of the area models. They used tracing paper for this, too, but they showed the steps to get to the final area model.  We had so much fun practicing multiplying fractions! (My mountain view was covered in clouds and fog today! I was so bummed.)

Finally, we worked on our multiplying fractions task cards.  I'm writing a post about them over at Task Card Corner because they are a great example of how I scaffold task cards to differentiate and meet the needs of students.  But, here is a sneak peek at them!  If you need Multiplying Fractions Task Cards, you can buy them for only $2.25 at my TpT store.

If you are looking for even more resources for teaching operations with fractions, stop by my store to see the Ultimate Fraction Operations Resource Bundle!

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