Encouraging EXPRESSIVE Readers {A quick and easy activity with a picture book!}

It seems all young kids have a book that they adore.  You know the one… it's the book that gets read every. single. day.  The one that they know all the words to.  The one with tattered edges.  Well, for my kids, it's this one…

Good Boy, Fergus!

I have read this book to my girls more times than I can count.  I adore listening to them read from memorization because it's just the perfect book for teaching expression, and boy oh boy, they sure are expressive when we are reading this book!
Good Boy, Fergus! is HANDS DOWN the best book I've ever come across for encouraging fluency and expression with oral reading.  It is full of different types of punctuation and the entire book is one big chance for students to practice expression.  I can't recommend it enough for your next fluency center, or just as a mini lesson with the whole class.
Here's a look into some of the pages that I love so, so much.

If you are looking for even more fluency ideas, be sure to stop by my blog post with ten tips for teaching reading fluency!

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