{Peek of the Week} A Peek Into Charitie’s Science Classroom

Happy Thursday!  It has been a few weeks, but I'm thrilled to bring you Charitie's Science Classroom as part of my Peek of the Week feature!  I have received so many amazing submissions, and I can't wait to share them all with you!  You, my teacher friends, are fabulous and have such wonderful classrooms.  If you missed my first Peek of the Week, click HERE and see Aubrey's awesome classroom!
Charitie is friends with Ari from The Science Penguin and she has such an inviting science classroom with useful and meaningful decor.  It's so relevant and I can totally picture kids referencing everything that is in her room.

Charitie sent me her pictures in the middle of testing season, and I asked her to leave it JUST the way it was!  I specifically asked her not to spruce up. 🙂  She clarified that her tables are usually grouped but when she took this picture, they were separated for testing.

Here is a look at Charitie's shelving and storage.  I love what she has done here.  Open shelving can be SO difficult to make look nice, but she has done a great job with her colorful baskets.  It looks like everything has a place!  She wrote a funny little tidbit with this picture…”Please forgive the “table 1″ lantern hanging on the shelf. A new student decided to jump and spike it down yet told me it fell by accident.”

Charitie hand makes all of the letters that hang around her room.  Love them!

She has great anchor charts that I can tell students were involved in making! Those are the best kind.  She wrote that FF=CON is Fossil Fuels= Coal Oil Natural Gas

Again, Charitie was in the middle of state testing when she took these pictures, and she showed me how she covered them up.  I kind of LOVE this idea.  Since she color coded them originally, hopefully students can use the same colors that she covered them up with as reminders of what is behind the paper.  LOVE!

Two things stick out in this picture. Her ABCD Diagrams chart is simple and easy to remember but perfect for reminding students of the expectations for making great diagrams (perfect for science notebooks).  On the right of the board, she explained WED WWWI.  Weathering Erosion Deposition caused by Waves, Wind, Water and Ice.  I totally needed Charitie as a science teacher when I was in elementary school…

Charitie explained “PER” as Pathway, Energy source, Receiver–things needed for a circuit.  I had to check with my science expert friend Ari on SRCC, and it stands for “Sedimentary Rock-Compaction and Cementation”

As a teacher who admittedly really dislikes teaching science, I had a great time looking in Charitie's room.  She obviously makes science fun, and I can absolutely see myself using some of these in a general-ed classroom.  What great ideas she has!

Thank you, Charitie, for letting us peek into your classroom!  It is such a great opportunity to see classrooms for other subjects, too!

If you would like to send pictures for Peek of the Week, scroll to the bottom of THIS Peek of the Week post!

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