Using Topple Blocks with Task Cards

Remember back in September when I bought several sets of Topple Blocks for my students? THIS post might jog your memory!

Since then, we have used the Topple Blocks to increase engagement time and time again. They never seem to get old!

Yesterday, we started adding and subtracting fractions with like denominators. Today, I wanted something for my other students to work on while I worked individually with some small groups to reinforce the concept and with another small group to show them how to add and subtract with unlike denominators. I didn't have time to create an entire topple blocks game dedicated to the skill (like I did for Elapsed Time, Long Division, and Factors & Multiples), but I did have a set of task cards to use! I quickly copied them onto different colored papers to correspond to the colors of my topple blocks. Then, I set them off to work their way through the set of task cards while playing the game. SUPER simple set up for me, copious amounts of skill practice for them, and high engagement for all students. Win, Win, Win!

While I do plan to create more of the games that follow the original format, this is such an easy adaptation that you can do with ANY task cards! Have fun!

You can purchase the Topple Blocks HERE. (Amazon Affiliate Link)
You can purchase the Fraction Task Cards HERE.
You can view ALL of my task cards HERE.

Happy teaching!

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