Tell Me a Story Tuesday!

It has been a while since I have featured a Tell Me a Story Tuesday post around here!  I made a copy for each study and had them glue it in the center of a large piece of construction paper.  We split our papers into four sections to review some concepts we had previously worked on.

By the time we got to inference, they realized that EVERYTHING they had been doing was inference!  All of their cause and effect relationships were inferred, and they had to get really creative with their sequencing story.  I definitely hadn't intended for them to get so creative with the sequencing, but they did, and I rolled with it!

I usually don't require students to provide evidence for their inferences on pictures, but I made a separate column this time around as a requirement.  It was very beneficial!

The point of view activity was something new that we did, too.  It was a great way to quickly review the two types of point of view and also work on perspectives.

Do you want even more ideas for teaching and reviewing reading skills using pictures?  Check out the blog post below!

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