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  1. Because of Mr Terupt is an awesome novel to introduce point of view and perspective. The kids loved the book and we are still using it throughout the year to teach skills.

  2. With the picture writing, did you have the students write what a "story" would be from each point of view? Also, how is the perspective different from the point of view?

  3. Wow, Mary! I just started following your blog and boy, do you have some meaty ideas! This post was fabulous on all the different work you've been working on with Point of View. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas! I'm heading over to check out your task card blog now! 🙂

    Tales of a Teacher

  4. I look forward to doing this with my students! Thank you SO much! I love how you have multiple lessons planned that give the students responsibility for the skill by the end! 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing… I especially love the Toy Story clip. Have you ever used the picture book 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne? It's a GREAT way to tie in mood and tone along with perspective and point of view.

  6. These are some really wonderful activities! I love the way you differentiated the Toy Story activity. I did find one tiny error in the end of the perspective worksheets though. In the last question on the last page, it asks how do the different perspectives 'effect' how each story is told. It should actually be 'affect,' as effect is a noun and affect is a verb. I don't want to criticize, just help! Thanks for sharing your wonderful resources!

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  8. Great lesson! Ok maybe I didn't grasp the concept but I watched the clip three times and I still haven't mastered each character's point of view. This is what I got:

    Andy: Ready to leave home and go off to college

    Andy's mom: Sad to see her son go off for college

    But I couldn't get Woody's point of view. I saw he was in a box labeled "college" so I'm guessing he is going away with Andy. But how does he feel? I was wondering what type of questions did you ask your students after you've watched the clip to get them to think about point of view?

  9. Great lesson! Ok maybe I didn't grasp the concept but I watched the clip three times and I still haven't mastered each character's point of view.


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  11. Thanks for the great ideas for point of view. I have an upcoming observation and plan to use your wonderful ideas. The students will love them!

  12. I used the picture Point of View lesson with my kids and they loved it! They had a lot of fun reading the different POVs once they got their original picture back. I had my students analyze how the POV affected the tone in the story. Thanks for the great idea!

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  14. I am going to use your idea of having the students hold up one finger for first-person point of view idea.

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  21. Little did you know when you wrote this the "Andy's Coming!" Challenge would become so viral. Thank you for this resource… I loved it when you first posted it and I searched it out knowing my kids would get a kick out of it since the Andy's Coming Challenge has become so popular among them 😀