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Well, to say it's been a while since I've posted would be an understatement! Although I haven't posted a new update here, I've been busy sharing ideas on Instagram and Facebook. I am also constantly updating old blog posts as well! Did you know that I don't typically create a new blog post on a topic I already have a post about? Instead, I add to it so that all of the information is in one place! Enough about my lack of an update… It's TIME for an update!

free reading skill quick reference guide for upper elementary

Teaching Reading Skills in Upper Elementary

Test prep season is upon us, and for many, testing season has already arrived. Last year, I created my Reading Skill of the Day resource with the intention of it being used during the second half of the year as a test prep of sorts. It became very popular quickly, and before I knew it, teachers were requesting a second set of them because they used the first set during the first semester! I recently released the second set to go along with it, and now I'm releasing a brand new FREE resource full of information that will accompany it! Now, even if you don't use the Reading Skill of the Day, this Quick Reference Guide is still an INCREDIBLY valuable, must-have resource for your classroom. It gives your students access to quick reminders about so many reading skills, right at their fingertips.

Students learn so many different reading skills throughout the year that it can quickly become overwhelming for them to remember each of the skills. I wanted to create a quick reference guide for reading skills (I already have a FREE one for language skills!) so that students could put it into their reading notebooks or keep it handy during close reading.

For my students, I created a close reading toolkit, and when I shrunk the quick reference guide down to a booklet size, they slide perfectly into their toolkits! Here's a closer look at what I put inside their reading kits:

Their close reading kits are used for ALL kinds of reading, not just their Reading Skill of the Day work. They can be used when you are doing a close read as a small group or whole group, when they are in novel groups, etc. Inside, they have everything they need for annotating and responding to text (including their handy quick reference guide)! I have also found that these kits come in handy with my newest resource, Rapid Read and Respond, as there are several opportunities for students to use colors.

Inside of the close read kit, I include some sticky note arrows, some emoji stickers for responding to text, primary color (plus green) colored pencils, highlighters, a Flair Pen (see note below!), and a mechanical pencil. Most of these items come straight from student supplies at the beginning of the year, but here are all of the Amazon Affiliate links to the specific items I put in the bags.

Close Reading Toolkit

Reclosable Plastic Bags

I searched high and low to find the least expensive option that was sturdy enough for everything (including pencils that may poke through the bottom) AND fit the reference guide. These are perfection!

Amazon Basics “Flair” Pens

I decided to try these since they are SO much less expensive, and they're great! Kids love them.

Emoji Stickers

I got mine from Big Lots, but these are similar in pricing and style

Colored Sticky Tabs

I like these because you can see through them and use them as highlighters, too! Plus, there are 30 separate packs, which is perfect for a classroom.

Bic Highlighters

Basic, but Amazon has a really great price for them.

Here is a closer look inside of the Reading Skills Quick Reference Guide and more information on how you can grab yours for FREE!

I hope you absolutely love this free resource! To get yours for free, simply enter your email address and click “Get it now!” to subscribe to my newsletter (don't worry… I will never spam you!). Then check your email for your FREE Quick Reference Guide.

NEW Reading Skill of the Day for 2nd and 3rd Grades

Now you can engage your 2nd and 3rd grade students in a daily review of 16 key reading skills with this NEW 2nd/3rd Reading Skill of the Day Weekly Journal. This 20-week journal covers common core reading skills and is perfect for second and third grades. This journal is best used in the second half of 2nd grade. It can be used any time in 3rd grade.

Each week includes a daily skill review with high-interest passages and engaging reading activities. An additional weekly bonus activity provides your students with an early finisher activity to stretch their thinking for 6 total activities per week. This resource includes a total of 20 weeks of content (120 activities total, including the bonus activity each week). There are FOUR, five-week cycles/sets that provide skill review in increasing difficulty and different formats. Most tasks can be completed in less than five minutes!

Try Reading Skill of the Day for FREE!

You can visit this post to try a free week of Reading Skill of the Day. Also check out the language and math versions while you're there– they're free too!

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Free Morphology Activities

Are you ready to get started teaching prefixes and suffixes? This FREE word study bundle can help!

free upper elementary notebook ideas for teaching prefixes and suffixes along with Greek or Latin roots

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