Properties of Operations & Algebraic Expressions

I have a few random anchor charts and foldables we have done in math recently that I thought others may be able to grab some ideas from.  We are working on properties of operations and using variables in algebraic expressions.  Here are a few of the visuals we used to practice them.

Here are the waterfall books we created for using variables to write algebraic expressions.  The kids really liked doing these, I feel like it helped them understand how to write them, and I color-coded it, so it made my heart happy! 🙂

Here is an example inside the waterfall book (which they stapled into their math notebook.  You can see that we color coded them by circling the variable in one color and writing it in the same color and underlining the key statement that showed us which operation we would use.  We did a word problem example on the top of each flap.

The kids were still having a little trouble writing the expressions from word statements, so I put together a quick set of task cards and we played Scoot with them.  The kids enjoyed it, and they all felt that they had a better grasp on the concept at the end of it!  Those task cards are available in my TpT store HERE.

Writing Expressions with Variables Task Cards

Properties of Operations Anchor Chart

Properties of Operations Foldable

Here is a little reflection the kids did on properties.  You can see her little boxes on the bottom, which is where they showed their proof of understanding… They Each got four dice and rolled four numbers.  They had to use those numbers to write equations that represented each property.  They really loved this, and it was fast and easy!


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