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Theme Activities Bundle


This is the ultimate bundle of THEME activities and the only resource you'll need when planning your theme unit.

This teaching theme bundle includes OVER 80 THEME PASSAGES in the following highly-rated resources:

  • Main Idea vs. Theme Activities – 16 Passages
  • Theme vs. Topic Task Cards – 16 Passages
  • Theme Paired Passage Tasks – 20 Passages
  • Identifying Theme Task Cards and Sort – 32 Passages
  • Theme Paired Passage Booklets – 3 Booklets

All resources also include DIGITAL versions in Google Slides.

Main idea vs. Theme: There are 16 half-page cards that include 16 original stories. Set #1 includes a prompt card encouraging students to see the difference between main idea and theme as well as 16 half page cards. Set #2 includes the same 16 stories with 3 options, one is the theme, one is the main idea, and one is simply an event from the story. The students use the multiple choice options to determine the main idea and theme of the passage.

Theme vs. Topic: Do you struggle to get your students to see the difference between the TOPIC and the THEME of a text? This resource was designed with them in mind!

Students will read 16 engaging, high-interest stories and write a one word topic and a longer, more thoughtful theme for each one. Includes both a task card option and a full-page printable option.

Theme Paired Passage Tasks: Engage your students in thinking critically about theme with this set of paired passages task cards. There are a total of 20 fiction stories that make up the 10 sets of paired passages. Each set of paired passages has a similar theme represented in different scenarios. You can use the paired passages TOGETHER to deeply enrich your students' thinking or SEPARATELY to practice identifying themes.

Identifying Theme Task Cards and Sort: This set includes 32 theme task cards/passages that fits one of ten main themes. This set includes two sets of differentiated headings cards to do a visual theme sort of the stories, recording sheets, and differentiated sort sheets.

Theme Paired Passage Booklets: Are your students ready to tackle theme in a new, rigorous way? These paired passages have been thoughtfully created to teach students how to integrate information from two different fiction stories and apply their Theme reading skills to their reading. Includes three mini booklets with annotation guides, comprehension questions, and theme tasks.

Answer Keys Included

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