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Fiction Comprehension Review | Reading

# of Pages: 10

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Rapid Read and Review is the perfect way to engage your students in a relevant and rigorous review of reading content! This digital and printable review set is the perfect way to keep your students’ reading skills sharp.

It can be used in centers, small groups, whole class, or as homework to review essential fiction comprehension skills and standards. The same question is never asked twice and skills are never reviewed in the same way, so students will stay engaged and excited about the content.

✏️ This set of ‘Rapid Read and Review’ is a MIXED SKILL SET. Multiple different fiction reading skills are reviewed on each page. (The skills are “mixed” together.) ✏️

**This is the perfect resource for Test Prep Season!**

This Fiction Rapid Read and Review Resource Includes:

  • 10 Pages of Fiction Text Passages
  • Multiple review tasks and questions in a variety of engaging formats for each passage
  • One page versions of passages included for annotating close reads or projecting for whole-class use
  • Google Slides Digital Version
  • Answer Key

The Following Fiction Reading Comprehension Skills are Reviewed:

  • Main Idea & Key Details
  • Theme
  • Summarizing
  • Inference
  • Comparing & Contrasting
  • Cause & Effect
  • Sequencing
  • Character’s thoughts, words, or actions, traits, motivation, feelings
  • Compare and Contrast Points of View
  • How Point of View Influences how Stories are told
  • Topics of Cultures
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Fact & Opinion

….and SO much more!

Grade Levels: This resource is best for grades 4+


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Fiction Comprehension Review | Reading