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Poetry Response Prompts | Task Cards

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Looking for an engaging way to practice responding to poetry? This set of poetry response task cards will help your students in upper elementary to think critically about poems. And they work with almost any poem!

Engage your students in learning about poetry with these fun poems and and engaging task card activities task cards.

What is included in this set of Poetry Response Task Cards?

  • 20 quarter-page task cards – each with an engaging response prompt
  • A Google Slides version for paperless practice.
  • A set of bookmarks with all 20 response prompts – the perfect tool to keep on hand!

How can I use these poetry response task cards in my classroom?

  • As a whole class poetry response lesson (choose a single card for the whole class!
  • As poetry homework (assign the whole deck, or choose a card or two)
  • For early finishers
  • To extend learning
  • As a literacy center
  • Homework

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Poetry Response Prompts | Task Cards