Rounding Task Cards

There are TWO (2) sets of differentiated rounding task cards (64 cards total) in this file. The first set only requires students to round to the nearest ten or hundred. The second set requires students to round to the nearest thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, and million.

This Resource Includes:

  • 32 Printable Task Cards for rounding numbers 1-9,000
  • 32 Printable Task Cards for rounding numbers 1,000-1,000,000
  • DIGITAL ACCESS via Google Forms for all 64 Task Cards*
  • Answer Keys
  • Recording Sheets

Digital Access: I have separated each set of task cards into 4 Forms (8 cards per Form) for a total of 8 Forms. All Forms are self grading!

Use two different sets to differentiate or combine the sets (example: swap out odd numbers on the first set for odd numbers on the second set) to review all. There is one recording sheet that can be used for both sets and two answer keys.



Answer Key & Recording Sheet Included

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