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RMS Titanic Introduction PowerPoint Slideshow



This is an 18 page slideshow that introduces the Titanic to your students! I teach a summer school enrichment class devoted to the Titanic, and I begin our class with this PowerPoint each year. The students are fascinated, intrigued, and enthusiastic to learn more!

Slides Include:

*Construction Overview
*A Marvel (Overview of the ship)
*Stunning Features of the ship
*Bad Omens
*The Crew
*Important People
*An overview of classes, including activities overview, accommodations, etc.
*A brief overview of the sinking

This is the perfect slideshow to start your Titanic unit with. Have fun! Chock full of fascinating information, it will give your students the foundational information that they need to know to study the Titanic.

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(PowerPoint and PDF are included to avoid formatting issues. If you have trouble opening the PowerPoint, use the PDF to present to your students.)


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