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Plural Nouns Grammar Lesson




Your students will absolutely love learning all about identifying and using plural nouns with this high-interest grammar lesson that is ready to teach and SO engaging. Teaching grammar skills is SO MUCH FUN with Giggles and Grammar!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This can be used as a standalone grammar lesson, but it has been specifically designed to accompany my grammar practice program, Giggles and Grammar

Tell me more about this plural nouns lesson!

This resource includes 14 teaching slides focusing on creating plural nouns. The slides have been carefully designed to introduce the new grammar concept, give opportunities for guided practice, provide partner talk prompts, and end with independent practice ideas for journals.

There’s no prep required, just start the presentation and go! 

What’s included in this plural nouns lesson?

  • Step-by-step slides to introduce plural nouns and practice finding/using them in engaging activities. 
    • INTRODUCE IT – Define and explore the new grammar skill
    • PAUSE & PONDER – Work as a group to create engaging examples
    • TURN & TALK – Partner questions to reinforce the new skills
    • PENCILS, PAPER, DRAW – A partner activity that asks students to draw nouns, guess them, and make them plural!
    • YOUR TURN TO GIGGLE – Use a picture to try out your new grammar skills in action. Then, follow the journaling prompt to tie it all together. 

Are student worksheets included?

This lesson includes only the teaching slides and group activities. However, the final slide(s) include samples for students to correct in a notebook, and an engaging journal prompt. Coordinating student worksheets about plural nouns can be found HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: The sentences and examples in this lesson are SILLY… very silly! Be prepared for a classroom full of giggles as you explore plural nouns.  

Formats Included:

PDF Pages

Google Slides: Includes text boxes if you’d like students to type in answers.

PowerPoint: Embedded slides for projecting.

The document is NOT editable.

Grade Levels: This resource is best for grades 3 and up. 

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This plural nouns lesson is sure to bring out the giggles in your classroom – it’s such a FUN way to explore grammar! 

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All rights reserved by the author.

Permission to copy for single classroom use only.


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