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Place Value Activity | Digital and Printable



Eureka! Your students have struck place value candy gold! Using bags of candy (included in the packet), your students will unlock the mystery of Place Value and reflect on different aspects of place value.

During the Candy Rush, students will each get a bag of candy, and each type of candy in the bag is worth a certain value (1, 10, 100, etc.) They find the value of their candy, create a group data display using their candy values, then answer various place value questions pertaining to their group's data.

**Also includes a page with DECIMAL VALUES and a DIGITAL version

In most cases, this place value activity can be completed in 1-2 class periods.

Digital Version Note: There is a digital version (one for decimals and one for whole numbers) included that can be completed using Google Slides. Since most students completing it digitally won't be able to complete it collaboratively, I have given group data for students to use with the digital version. Each of your students will also be assigned the same bag of candy for ease of grading during distance learning.

A Note on Grade Levels: While the collaborative component is most appropriate for 4th grade + due to the large numbers being adding and subtracted, the first page (determining your candy value) is well-suited for 3rd graders working on solidifying their place value skills!

Candy bags are provided with a colorful candy background as well as a white, printer friendly background.

You can also purchase this as part of a DISCOUNTED Place Value BUNDLE!

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