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Paired Passages Bundle



Get started with paired passages! This is the PERFECT starting spot for teachers in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades looking to help their students find success with two paired reading passages. The process is easy: read and annotate two passages, answer text-based questions, and then analyze both passages together using carefully crafted response activities.

What is included in this paired passages resource?

Each set (one poem and one story) includes annotation guides for each passage or poem and text-based comprehension questions for each piece of writing. Each set also includes additional pages of extensive paired passage tasks that require students to Analyze, Apply, Evaluate, and Create based on the paired passages (please see the preview for sample pages). Each set includes at least 10 printable pages with high-quality content.

Which Paired Passages Resources are Included in this Ultimate Bundle?

There are 6 sets of paired passages (12 passages in total!) across the resources in this bundle.

  1. Paired Passages with Poems (on the theme of overcoming adversity)
  2. Paired Passages with Poems (on the theme of honesty)
  3. Paired Passages with Poems (on the theme of change)
  4. Paired Passages with Poems (on the theme of feeling invisible)
  5. Reading Skill Success with Paired Passages (2 sets in this resource!)

What specific skills are covered?

A wide variety of reading skills are covered in these paired passages, including:

  • Annotating Skills (Vocabulary, Figurative Language, Connections, Details)
  • Character Traits
  • Text Evidence
  • Analysis of Poetic and Literary Devices
  • Theme (Each set has a major connecting theme)
  • Making Inferences
  • Text Analysis
  • Main Idea
  • Perspective & Point of View
  • Synthesizing Information
  • Author’s Purpose
  • Story Elements
  • Written Response to Text
  • Summarizing
  • Comparing & Contrasting Texts and Elements
  • Cause & Effect
  • …and more!

Are these resources digital?

YES! These paired passage resources are both printable and digital. The digital version is available as a Google Slides activity. The link for this version is in your download right beside the printable version.

Which grades are these best suited for? How can I use this in my classroom?

This resource is perfect for review, test prep, and teaching paired passages.  I have taken great care to include a wide variety of tasks, questions, and formats to engage your students in many types of analysis. This resource can be used any time of year but may be particularly helpful as you prepare for state testing.

This paired passage comprehension resource is recommended for grades 4+.

How long does this paired passages activity take?

I recommend completing each of sets over the course of one week.

Suggested answers included for answers that are not opinion-based.


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