Math Projects for Upper Elementary | Mega Bundle

Take engagement and rigor to the next level with these high-interest math projects for upper elementary. I have designed my math projects to be highly engaging, student-driven, real-world, and enriching. You’ll have a project for every occasion all year long! 

This bundle of TWENTY-NINE digital and printable math projects is perfect to use during math centers, as a whole class, as early finisher work, as an extended homework assignment, warm-ups, and more!

Wondering how to use these engaging projects in your classroom?

THIS blog post breaks down how Math Projects are the ultimate tool for engagement and differentiation.

The following NINE seasonal math projects from my store are included in this bundle:

  1. Road Trip End of the Year Math Project
  2. Halloween Math Project
  3. Thanksgiving Dinner Math Project
  4. To Grandmother's House We Go: Christmas Math Project
  5. The Winter Wonderland: A Winter Math Project
  6. Exploring Ireland: Addition and Subtraction Math Project
  7. The Sum of School: Cumulative Test Prep Project (TWO differentiated versions)
  8. End of the Year Party Planner Math Project 
  9. For The Love Of Math: A Valentine's Day Math Project

The following THIRTEEN concept-based math projects are included in this bundle:

  1. The Great Zoo Review – Addition and Subtraction Math Project
  2. Movie Marathon – Division Math Project in TWO Differentiated Versions
  3. Breaking Up the Bakery – Fractions Math Project
  4. Place Value Detectives – Place Value Project
  5. Resort Report – Multi-Digit Multiplication Math Project
  6. Let’s Go Shopping – Multiplying and Dividing Decimals Math Project
  7. Market Math – Adding and Subtracting Decimals Math Project
  8. Under the Big Top – Graphing and Data Math Project
  9. Worldly Detectives – Elapsed Time Math Project
  10. Drone Deliveries – Coordinate Grid Math Project
  11. The City of Shapes – Perimeter and Area Math Project
  12. Theme Park Predicaments – Measurement and Geometry Math Project
  13. The Super Sports Scramble – Decimal Place Value Project

SEVEN Bonus projects not included in any other project bundles:

  1. St. Patrick’s Day Parade – An Area and Perimeter Project
  2. A Recipe for Disaster – Equivalent Fractions Math Project
  3. The Great Sleepover Challenge – A Fractions Math Project
  4. Explore America – A Real-Life Budgeting Project
  5. Holidays Around the World  Math Project
  6. Living The Life – A Personal Budgeting Project
  7. Unleashed – A Multiplication and Division Math Project

ALL PROJECTS are both printable and digital. Digital versions have been created in Google Slides. 

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