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Mastering Multi-Step Word Problems Starter Kit



Enjoy this FREE Starter Kit for mastering multi-step word problems! In this 40-page freebie, I have included two resources to help you begin teaching students multi-step word problems as well as anchor chart templates and resources.

What's Included in this Multi-Step Word Problems Starter Kit?

  • 4 Multi-Step Word Problems Sorting Activities
  • 10 Multi-Step Word Problem Guided Brochures
  • Anchor chart templates
  • Teaching instructions
  • An answer key! (Added June 2021)
  • A digital, Google Slides, version. Perfect for at-home learning or paperless practice. (14 slides of multi-step word problem practice!)

Read more about all of the resources that are in this starter kit by visiting my blog HERE!

This resource is a free sample of a larger Guided Multi-Step Math resource for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Take a peek at what's included in the FULL Multi-Step Math Bundle:

  • 60 Multi-Step Word Problem Brochures with guided questions for each step
  • DIGITAL ACCESS via Google Slides
  • Answer Keys

The following 3rd Grade skills are included (in the full version):

  • Adding and Subtracting Time (3 Brochures)
  • Adding and Subtracting within 1,000 (4 Brochures)
  • Multiply by Multiples of 10 (3 Brochures)
  • Multiplication and Division within 100 (4 Brochures)
  • All Four Operations (3 Brochures)
  • Multiplication to find area (3 Brochures)

The following 4th Grade skills are included(in the full version):

  • All Four Operations (3 Brochures)
  • Four Digit Multiplication (3 Brochures)
  • Division with Remainders (3 Brochures)
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions (3 Brochures)
  • Multiplying Fractions (3 Brochures)
  • Area and Perimeter (3 Brochures)
  • Operations with money and distance (2 brochures)

The following 5th Grade skills are included (in the full version):

  • Multiplication (3 Brochures)
  • Division (3 Brochures)
  • All Four Operations with Decimals (3 Brochures)
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions (3 Brochures)
  • Multiplying Fractions (3 Brochures)
  • Dividing Fractions (3 Brochures)
  • Volume (2 brochures)

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