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Literacy Activity, Find Someone Who




‘Find Someone Who’ is the perfect activity to build community any time of the year. It’s a great way to get students up, moving, and building connections with their classmates. Try using it as a quick brain break or morning meeting activity!

With prompts such as “Find someone who read a fiction book recently” students are prompted to get out of their seats, move around, and talk with other kids in the class.

What's included in this literacy activity?

  • 1 printable page of ‘find someone who' questions – a total of 30 different questions
  • A digital version in Google Slides!

What kinds of questions are asked?

There are 30 different literacy themed questions! Find someone who…

  • …read a comic or graphic novel in the past month
  • …can name at least one component of a paragraph
  • …can give two synonyms for the word “cold”
  • …can describe the setting of a video game


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