Find the Theme Task Cards

This set of 32 ‘find the theme' task cards has SO many uses! Each of the high-interest, high-quality stories fits one of ten main themes, differentiated to meet the needs of your students.

These are just a few of the ways you can use this theme resource:

•As a Themes Sort: Print the sort cards (two differentiated versions) and each text card. Students can use the sort cards as “headers” and visually sort the carts into categories.

  • You can also use the recording sheets to record the sort answers or as a separate activity. Instruct students to place the number of each card under the correct theme.

•To Generate Themes: Print the task cards and give each student a recording sheet. They can generate their own theme based on each card and write it on the recording sheet.

•Digitally: Use the Google Slides version to have students select the appropriate theme for each story.

This resource includes:

  • 32 Stories in quarter-page task card format
  • Two sets of differentiated heading cards to do a visual sort of the stories
    • One set of sort cards has the basic themes
    • One set of sort cards has more advanced theme explanations

  • Blank recording sheet for generating themes
  • Two differentiated sort sheets to record answers
  • Google Access via Google Slides

Please see the preview for pictures of each way you can use this resource!

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