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Fiction Reading Comprehension Passages



Engage your readers with high-interest reading comprehension passages and corresponding questions! This resource includes 32 half-page fiction text task cards with 4 comprehension questions and tasks on EACH card for a total of 128 fiction text questions! Engage your students in meaningful close reading practice and review key reading skills associated with fictional texts.

This Fiction Comprehension Reading Passages Resource Includes the Following:

→32 Half Page Task Cards with Questions

→32 Full Page Printable Versions with Questions and Room to Answer

→Access to a Google Slides Digital version to upload to GOOGLE CLASSROOM

Each task card features a detailed and engaging story with four questions or tasks (aligned with Common Core Standards for grades 3-6) that require students to review the following skills:

What topics does this Fiction Comprehension Reading Passages Resource cover?

  • Main Idea
  • Inference (Heavy emphasis on inferential questions)
  • Summarizing
  • Compare & Contrast
  • Cause & Effect
  • Sequencing
  • Context Clues
  • Sequencing
  • Characters
  • Finding Evidence
  • Story Elements
  • …and SO much more!

The questions and tasks have been designed to require students to provide text evidence to support their answers for both literal and inferential questions.

These task cards are perfect for test prep review, whole class lessons, small group remediation, centers for enrichment or differentiation, warm ups, daily homework, or independent work. The possibilities are endless!

**ANSWER KEY included!**

Although these print beautifully in color, they also print well in black and white!

I also have a nonfiction version of these task cards!

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**SAVE!** You can also buy these BUNDLED!

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