Early Finisher Task Cards Bundle

Your early finishers will be engaged every minute of the day with this bundle of 3 of my very popular DIGITAL and PRINTABLE Early Finisher Task Cards! There are 108 Task Cards TOTAL in this bundle! (108 printable task cards and 160 digital Google Slides activities!)

Included in this huge set of early finisher task cards are Creative & Critical Thinking Task Cards, Math Task Cards, and Language Arts Task Cards. Keep your students engaged in meaningful work, even when they have finished their assigned work!

Each set includes a DIGITAL, Google Slides, version as well as a printable PDF. The digital version is ready for at-home learning and paperless practice!

The following task card sets are included in this bundle:

*Language Arts Task Cards* (24 Half Page Cards with multiple assignments)

Concepts covered include: Sequencing, Context Clues, Setting, Inference, Fact and Opinion, Author's Purpose, Compound Words, Following Directions, Adverbs, Types of Sentences, Dictionary Skills, Synonyms, Antonyms, Topic Sentences, ABC Order, Compare and Contrast, Adjectives, Nouns, Verbs, Character Traits, Cause and Effect, Homophones, and more!

*Math Task Cards* (24 Half Page Cards)

Engage and Challenge your early finishers with these twenty detailed, multi-problem Early Finisher task cards! Your students will love completing these cards when they have finished their work or as extra enrichment. You can also use them task cards in math centers. The possibilities are endless! A wide variety of topics are covered, including place value, rounding, graphing, puzzles, word problems, all four operations, and tons more!

*Creative and Critical Thinking Task Cards* (60 Quarter Page Task Cards!)

Rather than have your students work on “busy work,” engage them with these creative and critical thinking early finisher task cards. With many different types of tasks that cover all Bloom's levels and tap into the different learning styles of children, these task cards will provide you with weeks worth of answers to the question “I'm done. What do I do?”

Simply print the cards and go! Your students will be engaged in no time.

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