Converting Measurements Task Cards | Digital and Printable

A set of 36 digital and printable task cards to engage your students as they learn to convert customary and metric measurements. measurements. These math task cards support CCS 5.MD.1 and perfect differentiation for CCS 4.MD.1 and review for other grade levels.

What's included in this Converting Measurements Task Card Set?

  • 20 Customary Measurement Conversion Cards (Weight, Capacity, Length Measurement)
  • 16 Metric Measurement Conversion Cards (Weight, Capacity, Length Measurement)
  • Student recording worksheets (2 options)
  • Answer key
  • Digital version*

If you don’t want your students to do all 36 task cards, you can intersperse the metric with the customary (i.e. swap out card customary card 2 with metric card 2) There are two different answers keys depending on how you want to use the cards.

*Digital Access Note: This resource includes digital access via Google Forms. There are two separate Forms, one for Customary measurement and one for Metric measurement.

You can also purchase this set of task cards in my HUGE BUNDLE of Geometry & Measurement Task Cards!

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