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Context Clues Task Cards



A set of 32 FILL IN THE BLANK context clues task cards that require students to use their context clues skills to fill in the missing word (several possible answers). Your students will love this engaging set of task cards (mine asked for another set!). This context clues resource provides for easy differentiation and even a little synonym lesson.

This resource also includes DIGITAL ACCESS via Google Forms.

You can also purchase these task cards as part of my discounted Differentiated Context Clues Task Card Bundle!

Why Use Task Cards?

Task cards are the perfect way to get hands-on with learning! Unlike traditional worksheets, task cards allow students to get moving! Place task cards around the room (or outside!) and set your students free to move while they cover important educational standards. Task cards are also the perfect tool for differentiation – just pick the card(s) that each student needs to work on the most. Too difficult? Leave it out. Too easy? Choose a more challenging card!

How can I use these Context Clues Task Cards in my classroom?

  • As part of a whole class lesson
  • As a pre-test or post-test activity
  • As an enrichment activity
  • For early finishers
  • To extend learning
  • As a literacy center
  • Homework
  • Differentiated math practice 
  • As a whole class activity (Try a game of ‘SCOOT’!)

Read detailed instructions for each way to use task cards on the Teaching With a Mountain View blog: 8 Exciting Ways to Use Task Cards in Upper Elementary

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