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Compare and Contrast Task Cards | Digital and Printable



A set of 32 Differentiated Compare and Contrast Task Cards using PICTURES & TEXT! These digital and printable cards are tiered to help you differentiated your compare and contrast instruction.

  • The first 12 cards use pictures to generate compare and contrast relationships.
  • The next 4 cards require students to identify whether a statement is comparing or contrasting.
  • The next 4 cards have students generate a compare and contrast statement or paragraph when given two topics or ideas.
  • The last 12 cards have students read short paragraphs (based on story elements such as characters and settings) and compare and contrast elements present in the paragraph.

*Also includes DIGITAL ACCESS via Google Slides. Each Task Card has been made to fit a full-page slide so that students can respond directly on the Slide.

Your students will love practicing their skills using these cards!

You can also buy this in my HUGE Reading Skill Task Card Bundle!

Check out my blog post about Task Cards!


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