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Candy Math Activity



Skittles Math is over 20 pages of printable and digital activities to use with Skittles candy to reinforce common math concepts. Grab a small bag of Skittles and get ready for your students to have a blast! Use these as a math center, assessment, activity, test prep and review, etc.

These are perfect for differentiation in grades 3-6. Your kids will love them!

What concepts are covered in this Skittles Math Activity packet?

  • Place Value
  • Decimals (Place Value, Expanded Form, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication)
  • Word Problems (2 Differentiated Options)
  • Nutrition Facts Math (2 Differentiated Options)
  • Factors and Multiples
  • Arrays
  • Money
  • Numbers and Operations (Comparing, Equations, Order of Operations)
  • Fractions (Writing Fractions, Equivalent Fractions, Simplest Form, *Adding, Common Denominators)
  • Converting Fractions, Percents, Decimals
  • Graphing (Pictograph, Circle Graph, Collecting Data, Bar Graph)
  • Arrays
  • Coordinate Plane Graphing
  • Measurement (Standard and Non-Standard)
  • Area & Perimeter
  • Mean, Median, Mode, Range

This packet also includes a DIGITAL, Google Slides version with 37 optimized digital, interactive slides. Watch the video preview for a complete overview of this exciting digital version included with your download!

Sample completed student pages are included for reference. Please Note: Answer Keys for Word Problems Included. All other pages are dependent on each child's bag of Skittles.

*The Mean, Median, Mode, Range activity is the same Skittles activity sold separately in my store as well as in the Mean, Median, Mode Bundle Pack. All other items are only available in this packet.* If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

What are teachers saying about the Skittles Math Activities?

My students love this resource! Skittles are a great manipulative and incentive for students to use. I copied the worksheets in color which is a nice change from black & white worksheets. Also, there are so many different skills that are covered. Thank you for such a great resource!” – Terri H.

“My students love anything that has candy and real-world applications. This resource gave them both with minimal prep on my end. Super fun!” Gabie M.

“I absolutely loved this! We did a Candy Land room transformation and used this resource to review old skills and preview new ones… It's also very fairly priced for the amount of things you get. Thank you so much!” Rebecca P.

“Anything involving candy is usually a hit but I loved that this resource really targeted specific concepts and skills. Thank you! :)” – Swimming Through The Year With Ms. Thresher

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