4th Grade Multi-Step Word Problems | Google Classroom

This is THE resource you need when teaching your 4th graders to tackle tricky multi-step word problems! I have created 20 multi-step word problem brochures to help your students MASTER multi-step word problems in a fun brochure format. Each problem has 2-3 guiding questions to help your students approach multi-step problems in a step-by-step format.

This resource includes:

  • 20 Multi-Step Word Problem Brochures with guided questions for each step
  • DIGITAL ACCESS via Google Slides (see video preview)
  • Answer Key

SUPER Low Prep! Just print each brochure, fold down the middle, and snip two or three times to split up your steps. Then you're ready to tackle multi-step word problems using the CUBE method one step at a time. Please view the preview for full instructions.

The following skills are included:

  • All Four Operations (3 Brochures)
  • Four Digit Multiplication (3 Brochures)
  • Division with Remainders (3 Brochures)
  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions (3 Brochures)
  • Multiplying Fractions (3 Brochures)
  • Area and Perimeter (3 Brochures)
  • Operations with money and distance (2 brochures)

These are perfect for whole group instruction, small groups, intervention, homework, and more!

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