Peek of the Week: A Peek into Carly’s 3rd Grade Classroom

It has been a few weeks since I've posted a classroom tour, but what better time to share some more classrooms than now!?  Most of you are headed back to school, full of energy and ready to go…. Right!? 🙂

I was instantly drawn to Carly's classroom library!  I love the colorful buckets and the stuffed animals on top.  She wrote that she put washi tape on each of the buckets, then on the books that belong on each bucket.  This helps the students learn where to return books when they are done reading them.

Here is Carly's classroom computer station.  She says that 6 of the 7 computers can't be unplugged.  Eek! 🙂  She also noted that the bookshelf and filing cabinet can't be moved because they are screwed into the walls.  She did a great job of making them work in the space, though!

I love looking at other teacher's boards like this and seeing what they have set up permanently.  The Pencil Challenge is a must! 🙂

If you look closely at the black and blue bulletin board, you can see Carly's student-created pledge that she loved so much she never took it down!  Love it!

Here is Carly's table/desk area.  She says it is always that clean because she can't stand clutter.  I don't blame her!  I loved peeking at her anchor charts, too.

I love these mailboxes that she got from Donor's Choose.  That site is such a blessing to teachers!

Here is a look behind Carly's table.  She keeps everything she needs handy here, or it goes in a closet.

Here's a view into Carly's classroom from the front door.  I have always wanted one of those rugs with a place for every child!

Thanks for sharing your room with us, Carly!

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