Line Study: Take 2!

I posted several months ago about geometry study.  This standard is coming around again with another group of students, and this time I have revamped it a little bit.  I have the line study cards ready for them, using the same fun story that I told in my original line study blog post (be sure to check it out!). I had them make a foldable, and posted an anchor chart in the room. I also created a set of geometry task cards for them to complete. We only spent a couple days on this, but the kids really loved it!  

First we started with a vocabulary anchor chart.

line study anchor chart

Then students copied the anchor chart into foldable form. Here's an actual student example, hence the misspelling.

line study foldable
line study foldable
line study foldable

Last time I taught this lesson students made their own cards. but this time I had these free line study activity cards ready.

Here's proof that the kids LOVE the lines story from my previous lesson.  One of my students came back with this the day after we did the original line study.  I LOVED it so much!

Finally, these digital and printable geometry task cards are perfect for reviewing geometry skills in whole group or small group, pre or post assessments, math workshop centers, etc. Your students will love these tasks for lines, angles, classifying shapes, and symmetry.

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