Incorporating Picture Books In Your Upper Elementary Classroom

I love incorporating picture books in the upper elementary classroom as much as possible. There's often a misconception that picture books are only for younger students, but they're a great way to reinforce concepts for upper elementary students too. I always recommend reading each title once for enjoyment before re-reading it in order to do a deep dive into the lesson.

incorporating picture books in your upper elementary classroom

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Excellent Picture Books

Picture books aren't just for younger kids! Every single one of these books has been carefully selected with upper elementary students in mind. Tuesday and Flood are both wordless books, which I HIGHLY recommend using for inference. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to stunning illustrations that truly add to the written story and each of them can be used any time of the year.

excellent picture book recommendations

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Reading Skills

These books are perfect companions for teaching key reading skills.

reading skills picture book recommendations

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Informational Text Picture Books

Let's talk informational texts: This was always an area where I felt like I could grow my classroom library. I had SO many bins of novels and picture books, and just one or two baskets full of informational text. My World Record books were always checked out, but other than that, students weren't always gravitating toward the informational texts. It became really important to me to make sure I had high-interest, super engaging texts that they just couldn't pass up. I don't know about your students, but mine are OBSESSED with the Who Is/Who Was series and ANYTHING to do with fast and fun facts! These were a sure bet to get students reading nonfiction, so they are comprising my list of books today!

informational text picture book recommendations

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Figurative Language Picture Books

These titles are perfect for exposing students to rich language. 

figurative language picture book recommendations

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Math Picture Books

These titles help reinforce math concepts and introduce your students to inspiring mathematicians. They're a great way to combine literacy and math skills!

Math Concepts

Inspiring Mathematicians

math picture book recommendations

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Fluency Picture Books

These books are hand-selected to improve your students' fluency. Fluency is such a crucial skill because the faster and more accurately students can read and decode, the more effectively they can comprehend.

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Growth Mindset Picture Books

These books will help your students develop a growth mindset, which has truly become a staple life skill in our classroom

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More Picture Book Resources

I also have this post on using picture books to support learning. It includes a FREE printable resource for parents!

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