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Educational Halloween Activities for the BIG KIDS!

Every year, I find myself frantically searching for Halloween activities that are suitable for the big kids.  There are tons of adorable activities for the K-1 crowd, but finding activities that are both educational and engaging for older kids can be tricky.  Here is a roundup of some great ideas to get you through the next two weeks with your sugar-hyped students!

Monster Mash!  Math Project for Bigger Kids
One of the things that I noticed was a lack of big kid math activities with a fall/Halloween theme.  So, I created this Halloween Math Project!  It's unique in that it covers tons of math concepts with a fun Halloween theme (although it never actually mentions Halloween).  You can use this before and after Halloween and have guaranteed learning and fun!

Halloween Math Project by Teaching With a Mountain View

Spooky Story Writing
This would be a great one-day activity to get your students in the Halloween spirit!  The freebie includes Character Cubes, Setting Cubes, Obstacles Cubes, and more to get their creative juices flowing!

Spooky Story Writing from Brain Waves Instruction

Plot in the Pumpkin Patch
Jennifer Runde's ideas never disappoint, and this activity is no exception!  Practice story elements using this super fun pumpkin craftivity!

Plot in the Pumpkin Patch from Runde's Room

Frankenstein Makes a Sandwich
This book is hilarious and one of the few Halloween books that will keep older kids engaged.  It's a compilation of silly poems, which lend themselves well to activities, fluency practice, and being read aloud.

Here is a fun activity to go along with the book and practice summaries and main ideas. Check out this FREE matching activity from Pitner's Potpurri!

Acid Candy Test
Candy?  Yes, please! Candy Science?  Even better!  Test the acid in certain candies with this engaging activity from the Science Gal.

Acid Candy Test from Science Gal

The Multiple Monster
These are new task cards that pair perfectly with teaching the Multiple Monster and Factor Ninja!  They are FREE in my TpT Store.

Monster Multiples Task Cards

Geometric Bat
The shapes included in the template for this geometric bat are fairly basic, but the questions take it to a “big kid” level.  You could even let your students create their own geometric bat using more advanced shapes!

Geometric Bat from Math Four

Scarecrow Crunch Science
This is a great free science activity to teach science concepts like mixtures and solutions.  Bonus: The kids get to eat their experiment when they are done!

Scarecrow Crunch Science from Third Grade Thinkers

Candy Conundrum Decimals Activity!
You may recognize this one from my blog last year.  We LOVED this comparing costs activity that helped us practice adding and subtracting decimals.  Start saving the ads, or have your students bring them in.  It's So. Much. Fun. (And FREE!)

Comparing Costs of Halloween Candy

Free Halloween Close Reading

Not only do I love the author's name, but this is a perfect close reading passage for Halloween from The Panicked Teacher.  Teach students about the history of Halloween while practicing their close reading skills.  It's FREE, too!

Halloween Close Reading from The Panicked Teacher

Pumpkin Predictions
This pumpkin activity is perfect because you can use it before or after Halloween, and tie in some measurement math fun!  I love that it involved estimates because so often we focus on exact answers that we forget about teaching the crucial skill of estimation, too.

Pumpkin Predictions from Laura Candler

Tickle the Turkey Decimals Smart Board Game
Are you lucky enough to have a Smart Board in your classroom?  This fun and free game will help you review several decimal skills with an interactive touch.  This is another activity that will last you well beyond Halloween.

Turkey Tickle Decimals by FlapJack Learning

Candy Perspective Writing Prompt
What a clever prompt this is, and so great for teaching perspective and point of view.  I would love to hear students share their stories and practice their fluency as well!

Candy Perspective


What ideas do you have for fun Halloween activities that even the bigger kids will love!?  Share them in the comments.  If you are looking for even more Halloween activities, click the banner below to see all of the Halloween activities in my TpT store!

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