DIY Pencil Organizer

So, ask my students, and they will tell you that I have a thing about “Pencil Thievery.”  Since I work in a unique situation where students come in and out of my room all day long, I have to supply pencils for most of them.  Last year, I don't know how many pencils walked right out of my room, despite my best efforts.  This year, I'm prepared, and I'm kind of excited about it!

Still on my mission to use Washi Tape, I picked some patterned tape up to make little flags for my pencils (like these babies).  Then I remembered what a challenge it was to get the students to put the pencils back into their container when they did remember to leave them.  I had pencils on the floor, on the tables, in the recycle bin(?), etc.  As I was perusing Michaels, I came across these unfinished photo frame boxes for $4.99.  Of course, I didn't take a picture of the unfinished box.  Shucks.

So, I pulled out my paint and made my own pencil holders with inspirational quotes on the sides…and Washi Tape that matches the color of tape on the pencils.  Now, I really don't CARE if they stay in the correct boxes, but maybe it will encourage the kids to put them back into the box if they have that little incentive to match the tape.  Maybe, just maybe?  We shall see!

This whole project took me about about an hour and a half when all was said and done.

For a classroom teacher, I think this would be GREAT for keeping supplies in a center, or if you need to keep a stash of pencils at your literacy table.  I might even make one for my desk with little flags so that I can always keep my own little stash.

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