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  1. I'd like to incorporate the fitness balls for seating in my 1st grade classroom but I'm a little leary. I also went on the stool website, but they are a bit pricey. Did your school give you an allowance to spend on your room?

    1. Hi There! I don't suggest having a full class of stability balls, but I LOVE having a few of them as an option. My school gave us an allowance to pilot flexible seating while doing action research on the effects of student engagement, movement, etc. Donor's Choose is also a great option for funding projects like this!

  2. Your classroom looks GREAT! Love the varied seating options, and the cool color theme (I use blue, green, and purple and love it!). We have just one of your standing desks, but I love it (as do the kids). Now I need to look into those stools, and I NEED to know where the elephant rug is from!!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thanks so much! The stools are ABSOLUTELY amazing! I can't say enough about them. The elephant rug is from Wayfair. It's called the Metro Turquoise Area Rug by Unique Loom. 🙂


  3. Your colorful room looks phenomenal – lots of seating variety! The elephant rug is amazing! I'm looking forward to learning more about this power library two doors down. Happy Friday!

  4. Your room looks beautiful! I'm curious to know more about the power library – I've never heard of that. Also, do you team teach or have a partner teacher? You referenced "we" and "our" a lot, so it made me wonder if maybe that was your situation. 🙂

    1. I team teach with a Spanish Immersion teacher, hence the "we" and "our" often showing up! 🙂

  5. I am curious what size your stools are. I currently teach first grade and am considering moving up to 3rd or 4th and am wondering if my current 8 stools would be okay in size.