Classroom Snapshots 2016-2017

Just one more post with classroom snapshots around classroom set up, and then I promise it will be back to my regular content-based blog posts! Now that all of our seating options are in, here are a few pictures to show our different seating arrangements and to get a feel for the classroom I spend my days in! 🙂

Stability Balls

Here is a picture from the front of my room. The paper looks extraordinarily bright in this picture and our rug also hadn't arrived when I took this, but it does a good job of showing most of our flexible seating options!

I LOVE our stability balls from WittFitt.  They have little legs on them and they pop up instantly when kids got off of them.  No balls constantly rolling around!


Seated Desks

This is a view standing in the front of the room looking at the door.  You can see here the one pod of regular desks that remains.  You can also see that we have to store our recess equipment, which is why there is a hula hoop in those cubbies! 🙂



This is easily my favorite part of the room!  I LOVE our green Hokki Stools from WittFitt and so do our students. They wobble and allow just enough movement!


Teacher's Desk

This is directly on the opposite side of the Hokki Stool table. It is our teacher desk turned student seating area with an IKEA bookshelf to store binders. You can also see some of our storage on the cabinets as well as on the counters. We use the bins on the counters to store our iPads, lessons, lesson plan books, etc. It really replaces our teacher desk.

Here is a close up view of how we use the teacher desk as student seating. On top of the bookshelf, there is a turn-in basket and a paper basket.


Standing Desks

Here's a view of the back of the room with our standing desks! These are definitely a favorite among students!


Kneeling Desk

Just beyond the standing desks is our sitting/kneeling height table. We have a lot of pillows and cushions for students to sit on. You can also see the way we store our student supplies (in the supply boxes). I love my portable dry erase board, too! 🙂

There's one MAJOR thing missing from the classroom: a class library. We have had one every year until now. However, our school has a Designated Power Library, with an open door policy and a HUGE variety of books. It's absolutely phenomenal and has more books than we could ever supply–just two doors down! We are trying the year without a library and seeing how it goes! 🙂

Hopefully these classroom snapshots help you with your own set up. I hope everyone is enjoying their first few weeks back to school.  It's such an exciting time!

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