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It’s no secret that a love of school supplies is one major requirement for becoming a teacher, so the question of must-have items for upper elementary always leads to great answers in our FREE Inspired In Upper Elementary Facebook group. Whether you’re a first year teacher, primary teacher moving on up, or an upper elementary pro on the hunt for new ideas… I have you covered with my personal Amazon classroom favorites! 

These Amazon classroom favorites for teachers and students will make your teacher life easier and more organized!

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Teacher Bag

First up, let’s get you a good bag to carry all your stuff! I try not to make a habit of letting papers to grade ride to and from school in my bag every day, but I DO carry a lot of stuff. Supplies for projects, library books, tech, allll the water bottles, etc. need to fit in my bag. Here are some favorites, based on your styles.

  • This canvas teacher bag just might come in your school colors! If you’re looking for a great gift for a student teacher, this is a good one to grab for that too. Fill it with a few of your favorite books and school supplies. Then have your students sign their names or draw little doodle in fabric marker.
  • Want to go hands-free? Try this backpack option!
  • Teacher on the go? This teacher bag on wheels is a great alternative to a cart.
  • If you want to throw in a cute lunch bag while you’re at it, this is mine.

Electric Pencil Sharpener 

This was a “splurge” item for me as a new teacher, but you are going to sharpen more pencils than you ever thought possible, and that will just be in the first week. An electric pencil sharpener is a game changer. Here’s a couple tips to make your pencil sharpener last for years:

  • Only sharpen regular pencils, no colored pencils
  • Don’t use it on the “fancy” pencils with a decorative plastic coating
  • Make a sign to post by the sharpener that shows how tall the pencil must be to ride. Trust me.

Storage / Organization Essentials

Having a way to keep yourself and all the paper organized is going to be essential. 

  • Colorful daily folders or drawers for holding copies not only keeps your desk neat, but also makes it super easy for a sub to find what they need if you’re unexpectedly absent. I also have students turn in their work to these bins labeled by subject! 
  • This rolling cart is perfect for keeping essential task cards, markers, sticky notes, etc. at my fingertips during literacy or math small groups.
  • These plastic bins are great for storing sets of task cards.

Manipulative and Hands-On Learning

I shared this post with my favorite math manipulatives, but here are a few more to add to your list!

Teacher Supplies

If you visit my classroom, here’s what you’ll find in my personal stash.

More Amazon Classroom Favorites

Here’s a rundown of more great suggestions from teachers in our Facebook group!

  • Grab a hot glue gun. Use it to put together projects, hang stubborn decor on block walls, or even add a dab to a hem that has come undone. On a non-pourous surface like a white board or door, the cooled glue will pop right off when you take things down! 
  • Clipboards are a must for flexible seating and rotations. These dry erase clipboards serve double duty.
  • Wireless doorbells have become popular for attention getters during transitions.

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