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My 4th graders just finished up a fantastic novel project.  When we began the novel Eager (which I highly recommend), I had big plans for students to complete a cumulative project from a choice board. Like the best set plans, though, we ran short on time.  So I went against my nature and assigned them all the same project.  They absolutely loved this one, and I am so impressed with the insight that came out of these projects.  The best part of all…it is totally differentiated, is great for students to show their understanding of a novel, and perfect for using evidence from texts (a huge component of the Common Core).

The assignment, as I gave it to them was this:

“Use every letter of the alphabet to represent something about the characters, events, symbols, and themes in the book.”

Of course, you could give them different literary elements to look for representations, but these four elements had been a focus for us this quarter.

Click the image to read some specifics!

So, I gave them the assignment, and they took off with it.  I checked in with them about half way through to make sure they were giving enough evidence to support each letter, and then let them type it as they finished.  In total, it took about four 40 minute class periods and a little bit of work at home for some of them.  They had a blast completing this project, and some of the explanations stunned me!  I was very impressed, and I felt this was a great, engaging way for them to show that they had connected with and understood the book.

This would be perfect for grades 3 and up.  The sky is the limit!


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