Vacationing Student Assignment and Task Card Craziness!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I've been busy this week setting up my task card board for my classroom, so I have spent a lot of my free time at home cutting, hole punching, and picking tiny pieces of laminating plastic out of my carpet!  I'm so excited to share my task card board with you soon, but for now, you can have a sneak peek into…my kitchen counter!  This isn't the half of them, but I am just about done (You can buy any of these task cards you see here in my TpT Store.)

Task Cards, Paper Cutters, Scissors, Binder Rings, Hole Punchers, TRASH, oh my!

I wanted to post a quick little freebie for any of you that may get the dreaded Friday morning email…

“Dear Mrs. Smith… Our family is going to Disney World next week, so Joey will be gone all week.  Can you please put together his work for him and send it home this afternoon?”

We have all felt this panic and frustration at one point, but I for one always spend my brief planning time getting materials together to send with them.  Inevitably, we don't finish everything in class that I send home, or they don't do anything I send home. When I was student teaching, my fabulous co-teacher shared with me the idea to give students a journaling assignment when they are away on vacation.  You can use this as the only assignment you give and have them complete other academics when they return, or this can be their writing assignment.  It's a fun activity, and I have had some parents really get into it and end up turning in a scrapbook!  You can download my Travel Journal Freebie HERE

One more quick thing… I posted a new task card set of “What If” Cause and Effect Journal Writing Prompts.  I love having these types of cards on hand for my early finishers in writing, or for my Work on Writing station in Daily 5.  I am also using these to teach Cause and Effect relationships (and the never ending cause and effect relationships that exist)!

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