Theme & Evidence Anchor Charts

I am working on a blog post that should publish tomorrow about coordinate graphing and patterning, but I thought I would share two of my recent anchor charts that don't really have a place anywhere else.

The first one is our Evidence Based Terms anchor chart.  I got the inspiration from here and here (I'm PRETTY sure those are the two sites that originally posted some version of this, but these images are everywhere on Pinterest, so it's hard to tell). I loved both of these, and I ended up trying to create a version of them with my class based on the book we had just finished.  It was great, and the experience of putting it together using a real text they were familiar with was PERFECT.  However, as we moved on to our next book, and as other teachers came in and saw our chart and loved it, we realized that it was less meaningful now that we had completed that book.  So, my students (love when that happens!) suggested we make a chart with just the terms on it that would be more versatile from book to book.  I was uneasy with that because I didn't want them to be just another poster on the wall, so we ended up doing that, but adding sticky notes for each of the books we have been reading.  The sticky notes had a question and response using one of the corresponding evidence based terms.  I loved these, and I required each student to have a sticky under each evidence based term by the end of our book.

The next one was our Theme anchor chart.  We talk a lot about theme within the context of our novels, but I don't spend a lot of time explicitly teaching it.  The kids are doing an autobiography type project right now, and part of the assignment is writing their own theme, so I looked at several of the anchor charts already out and about in the blog world, and made one to fit our needs.  (Here are some of the charts that I used for my inspiration: Theme Anchor ChartTheme Anchor Chart 2Questions to Ask about ThemeInferring ThemeCommon Themes in Literature )


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