Pre-Reading Task Cards

It's been a busy, busy week here in Colorado (I feel like that is always how I begin my posts). I do identifications for students in the talented and gifted program at my school, and preliminary test scores came in this week, which has left me with a lot of number crunching and additional testing to do. This is the one kind of testing I don't mind doing–in fact, I love it! (Okay, I'm not going to lie… I've also felt more busy than normal because Downton Abbey has sucked me in.  I stayed away for a long time, but watched the first episode a few weeks ago, and I'm already on the second season! Love that show.)

Last Sunday was the big Super Bowl sale. I was BLOWN AWAY by the response to this sale, and I can't thank everyone enough for checking out my store, following my store, downloading my freebies, and maybe even buying a product or two. I know I have said it before, but you put diapers on my girls, dinner on my table, and a help put a roof over our heads. My family is so grateful, and I am just tickled PINK that my little creations are making their way around the world and ending up in the hands of thousands of students and easing the planning “burden” for thousands of teachers. This is what being a teacher and collaborator is all about!

To say thank you to my sweet followers for such a successful Super Bowl Sale (and to say “hello” to my prospective new followers), I have uploaded a new freebie that I have used with my students for a few years. I present to you my pre-reading task cards mini-set, and they are yours to download and print for free.

I use these cards to introduce new novels.  If I am using a novel for the whole class, I pair students up and give each pairing a card to complete, then we share out our responses.  If they are working in novel groups or literature circles, each student gets one or two cards to complete (or I just choose my favorite cards that will give them the most information about that particular book). The whole thing usually takes less than thirty minutes, and it is great for activating schema and getting students ready to read. You can use these however you choose!

One thing to note–the level of difficulty, including level of inferencing necessary, varies. Look over the cards and decide which ones would be best for your kids needing extra support, and which ones might be best for your kids needing an extra push.

On another note…I have a VERY exciting new weekly blog feature that I will be beginning this Tuesday. As a little teaser, it is called “Tell Me a Story Tuesday,” and it will focus on reading skills and strategies. Check back on Tuesday for the first installment. No matter what grade you teach, I think you're going to love it!

…and one more piece of exciting news.  This week I purchased the domain www.teachingwithamountainview.com .  Now, I just have to figure out how to make this blog transfer over.  I need a tech savvy person in my life to help me figure out these things!  I'll be sure to let you know when it goes live.

Without further ado…the free task card mini-set!

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