Tell Me a Story Tuesday

Welcome back for another installment of Tell Me a Story Tuesday!

Today, we did a BIG review of some reading skills with our picture.  It's almost state testing time, so I wanted to incorporate as much as I could.  We reviewed the following with this week's picture:

Main idea
Cause & Effect
Story Elements
Fact & Opinion

The kids really loved this one, and I got some AWESOME responses (all of which are not written on the chart…I had the kids do this one independently, then we shared out our answers).  My favorite was one of my kid's proposed problems represented in the story: “The baby couldn't decide what she wanted for Christmas, and she thought she was going to lose her opportunity to tell Santa.”  Her solution to the problem: “She decides to tell him to bring her whatever he thinks she will like best.”  So stinkin' cute these kids are!

Here is the picture to use in your classroom…

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