Tell Me a Story Tuesday

I am super excited about this new feature on my blog…my sweet hubby helped me name it, and his idea was “Tell Me a Story Tuesday.”  And so it is…

Here is my vision…

In many of my task card sets, I find pictures to use to help students practice essential reading skills in a different way.  Reading a picture? Yes!  There is so much that all students (NOT just primary) can pick out of a picture that I have found it so beneficial to practice key skills using pictures–which everyone loves–in addition to text.  This is suitable for all grade levels since it is typically pretty open ended.  I have done these with my whole class and in small groups.  Either way, it only takes 10-15 minutes, and is a great way to introduce, review, or reinforce the skills.

So, on Tuesdays, I will be featuring a picture (my own or a public domain image) or two and showing you student examples of how they used it to practice a reading skill like inference, cause and effect, comparing and contrasting, sequencing, etc.

Make sense?  If not… check out this week's installment.

I gave this group of students this picture simply with the question “What can I infer?”  Here is what they came up with. You should have heard the discussion coming from this group!
This group was working on cause and effect!  They struggled at first, wanting to make up stories that went along with the picture rather than finding more obvious cause and effect relationships.  In the end, I think they did a great job!

Here's the cool part (I think)… I'm linking to the pictures I used, and will continue to do so every week.  You have permission to use these in your classroom (but please don't post them elsewhere…unless you share a way you used them to practice reading skills and link back to me… or use them for other purposes).  If you DO use them, I would love to see what your students come up with!

How to print: Click on the pictures, Right Click and Save As.  Print and have fun!

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