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  1. This was an awesome post! I teach 3rd grade and the first topic I teach in math is place value also! Thanks for so many great ideas and resources!

  2. These ideas are wonderful! I teach 5th grade and we start with place value as well. I am always needing new ideas and activities that allow the students to move about the classroom. Thank you!

  3. This might be a bit bold, but what other lessons do you use in your notebook? I love your ideas and would love to use them too!!

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  5. I love the anchor chart. I totally just adapted this for my first graders. We are teaching expanded form and the curriculum doesn't really explain to them enough about the basics of place value and the kiddos are struggling with it. I plan on using this chart with them for our reteach day!

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  8. So many grwat ideas. Thanks! I git the olace vakue detective s and look forward to using it in just a few weeks.

  9. So many grwat ideas. Thanks! I git the olace vakue detective s and look forward to using it in just a few weeks.

  10. I love this…thank you!! These are going to be the first things in our Math notebooks. Question…does anything go until the place value chart or is it there for reference only? Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Hi Malena,

      So glad you found some idea! Yes, under the place value chart, we write wide variety of numbers in each of the value and read them as a class together.

      🙂 Mary