Teaching Exponents

We have been busy in math working on exponents!  I have an accelerated 5th grade group, so we needed to cover 5th and 6th grade standards on exponents.  We haven't quite gotten to evaluating expressions with them yet, but they are exponent pros now!  Here are the two anchor charts we made, and the students also put these into their math journals.

Exponents Anchor Chart


Powers of Ten Anchor Chart
(I'm blaming the awful line at the top of the place value chart on students.  Eek!(

We practiced multiplying powers of ten by decimals by using our birthdays… the kids loved it!

The first number was made from a 12/6/04 birthday.  Such fun!

The students did a magic square activity from Hojo.  This was such good practice and a good challenge for them, and they enjoyed doing it, too.

We also did a few IXL units, and then I whipped up two sets of task cards.  The Powers of 10 task cards we did together on the document camera in about 5 minutes.  Good news:  You can grab them FREE here!

Click the image to download the task cards FREE

Then today, we did a little hallway scavenger hunt with some basic exponent task cards that I created.  We put them up on window ledges, each student started at a different cluster of cards, and then they got to move at their own pace.  It was an alternative to Scoot, and the kids loved it.  They love to be standing up and walking around and feeling in charge of their work when they get to choose where to go next and in what order they complete the cards.  It went really well!  If you want to grab these cards, they are $2 at my TpT store HERE

We are going to finish these cards tomorrow and then be done with this part of it!  I love exponents, and the kids learn to love them too. 🙂

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