Task Card Test Prep & Announcement!

Hi there!  First thing is first: IT'S SPRING BREAK over at Casa de Mountain View!  I had big plans for pumping out some TpT goodies, and I have two massive blog posts in the works, but my sweet girls have changed my plans–no computers, no iPads (except for the occasional Skype with Gramma & Grampa)…just playtime.  I did carve out some time after bedtime to share how we prepared for state testing using task cards. But first… I need to announce why it's not going to show up here… Instead, the post about test prep with task cards  is posted up at……

Task Card Corner!

I get emails all the time about using task cards in the classroom, so I decided that I would make a live blog about using task cards in the classroom.  It's BRAND spanking new, so I hope you will check it out and maybe become a follower.  It's a work in progress and still under construction, but I have big plans for my new “baby,” and I am hoping to make it a great resource for all things task cards–not only MY task cards, but also those of others who are awesome, too.

Shameless plug: If you are interested in guest blogging or featuring YOUR task cards at Task Card Corner, email me at teachingwithamountainview@gmail.com .  Let's chat about what you think the world would love to hear about task cards!

The blog officially has two posts, and I hope you take the time to read them both… The first one you will see is a big one about how I used task cards for test prep.  It includes a freebie that you can edit to suite your needs.

The second post is the introduction post–how it came to be, my vision, etc.  I will still be chatting up task cards over here, because I'm addicted to them, but it will separate some of that chatter amidst all of the other cool things I have planned for this blog, too.

Happy spring break, or happy almost spring break, or happy you-already-had-spring-break!

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